Written Statement Policies

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Chapter 3 Housing

RLP 1 Housing Provision
RLP 2 Town Development Boundaries and Village Envelopes
RLP 3 Development within Town Development Boundaries and Village Envelopes
RLP 4 Prevention of Town Cramming
RLP 5 Affordable Housing in New Developments
RLP 6 Affordable Housing in Rural Areas
RLP 7 Housing and Mixed Use Sites
RLP 8 House Types
RLP 9 Design and Layout of Housing and Mixed Use Areas
RLP 10 Residential Density
RLP 11 Changes of Use Affecting Residential Areas
RLP 12 Permanent Agricultural Dwellings
RLP 13 Temporary Agricultural Dwellings
RLP 14 Applications for the Removal of Occupancy Conditions
RLP 15 Replacement of Dwellings in the Countryside
RLP 16 Hamlets and Small Groups of Dwellings
RLP 17 Extensions and Alterations to Dwellings in Towns and Villages
RLP 18 Extensions to Existing Dwellings in the Countryside
RLP 19 Sheltered Housing
RLP 20 Residential Institutions in Towns and Villages
RLP 21 Institutional Uses in the Countryside
RLP 22 Accessible Housing and Lifetime Housing
RLP 23 Provision for Gypsies and Travelling Showpersons
RLP 24 Subdivision of Dwellings
RLP 25 Garden Extensions within Built-Up Areas
RLP 26 Garden Extensions into the Countryside

Chapter 4 Employment

RLP 27 Location of Employment Land
RLP 28 Employment Land Provision
RLP 29 Business Parks
RLP 30 Diversity of Industrial and Commercial Premises
RLP 31 Design and Layout of Business Parks
RLP 32 Workplace Nurseries
RLP 33 Employment Policy Areas
RLP 34 Buffer Areas between Industry and Housing
RLP 35 Non-Conforming and Un-Neighbourly Industry
RLP 36 Industrial and Environmental Standards
RLP 37 New Commercial and Industrial Activities within existing Residential Areas
RLP 38 Conversion of Rural Buildings
RLP 39 Expansion of Local Firms
RLP 40 Minor Industrial and Commercial Development in the Countryside
RLP 41 Employment Allocation, Springwood Drive, Braintree
RLP 42 Employment Allocation North of Bluebridge Industrial Estate, Halstead
RLP 43 Atlas Works Site, Earls Colne
RLP 44 Rayne Foundry
RLP 45 Riverside Business Park, Earls Colne
RLP 46 Earls Colne Airfield
RLP 47 Employment Allocation Inworth Road, Feering
RLP 48 Comprehensive Development Area, Kelvedon

Chapter 5 Transport

RLP 49 Pedestrian Networks
RLP 50 Cycleways
RLP 51 Cycle Parking
RLP 52 Public Transport
RLP 53 Generators of Travel Demand
RLP 54 Transport Assessments
RLP 55 Travel Plans
RLP 56 Vehicle Parking
RLP 57 Freeport Special Policy Area
RLP 58 Galleys Corner Special Policy Area
RLP 59 Panners Roundabout Special Policy Area
RLP 60 Braintree Branch Line Improvement
RLP 61 New Road Schemes

Chapter 6 Environmental Resources and Protection

RLP 62 Development Likely to Give Rise to Pollution or the Risk of Pollution
RLP 63 Air Quality
RLP 64 Contaminated Land
RLP 65 External Lighting
RLP 66 Flood Risk in Developed and Urban Areas
RLP 67 Flood Risk in Undeveloped Areas
RLP 68 Functional Floodplains
RLP 69 Sustainable Drainage
RLP 70 Water Efficiency
RLP 71 Water Supply, Sewerage and Land Drainage
RLP 72 Water Quality
RLP 73 Waste Minimisation
RLP 74 Provision of Space for Recycling
RLP 75 Waste Reprocessing Facilities
RLP 76 Renewable Energy
RLP 77 Energy Efficiency

Chapter 7 Countryside, Nature Conservation and Landscape

RLP 78 Countryside
RLP 79 Special Landscape Areas
RLP 80 Landscape Features and Habitats
RLP 81 Trees, Woodland Grasslands and Hedgerows
RLP 82 Sites of Special Scientific Interest
RLP 83 Local Nature Reserves, Wildlife Sites, and Regionally Important Geological/Geomorphological Sites.
RLP 84 Protected Species
RLP 85 Equestrian Facilities
RLP 86 River Corridors
RLP 87 Protected Lanes
RLP 88 Agricultural Land
RLP 89 Agricultural Buildings

Chapter 8 Design and Heritage

RLP 90 Layout and Design of Development
RLP 91 Site Appraisal
RLP 92 Accessibility
RLP 93 Public Realm
RLP 94 Public Art
RLP 95 Preservation and Enhancement of Conservation Areas
RLP 96 Demolition in Conservation Areas
RLP 97 Changes of Use in Conservation Areas
RLP 98 Environmental Improvements in Conservation Areas
RLP 99 Demolition of Listed Buildings
RLP 100 Alterations and Extensions and Changes of Use to Listed Buildings and their settings
RLP 101 Listed Agricultural Buildings
RLP 102 Enabling Development
RLP 103 Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest
RLP 104 Ancient Monuments and Sites of Archaeological Importance
RLP 105 Archaeological Evaluation
RLP 106 Archaeological Excavation and Monitoring
RLP 107 Outdoor Advertisements
RLP 108 Fascias and Signs in Conservation Areas
RLP 109 Illuminated Signs in Conservation Areas

Chapter 9 Town Centres, Local Centres and Shopping

RLP 110 Retail and Town Centre Development - The Sequential Approach
RLP 111 Retail Development
RLP 112 Town Centre Uses
RLP 113 Shopping Areas
RLP 114 Retail Frontage Policy
RLP 115 Accessibility
RLP 116 Upper Floors in Shopping Areas
RLP 117 Shopfronts in Conservation Areas
RLP 118 Retail Warehouse Development
RLP 119 Conversions to Retail Warehouse Use
RLP 120 Braintree Town Centre Improvements
RLP 121 Land East of Halstead High Street
RLP 122 Environmental Improvements in Halstead
RLP 123 The Centre, Halstead
RLP 124 Environmental Improvements in Witham
RLP 125 Newlands Precinct, Witham
RLP 126 Local Shopping Facilities
RLP 127 Additional Village Shopping
RLP 128 Maintenance of Rural Services and Facilities

Chapter 10 Sports, Recreation and Tourism

RLP 129 Sports and Leisure Facilities
RLP 130 Indoor Sport and Leisure Site, Braintree Retail Park
RLP 131 Swimming Pool Millennium Way, Braintree
RLP 132 Community Swimming Pool, Ramsey School, Halstead
RLP 133 Golf Courses
RLP 134 Sports Causing Noise or Disturbance
RLP 135 Floodlighting of Sports Facilities
RLP 136 Formal Recreation Policy
RLP 137 Open Space Standards
RLP 138 Provision of Open Space in New Housing Developments
RLP 139 Allotments
RLP 140 River Walks/Linear Parks and Disused Railway Lines
RLP 141 Informal Countryside Recreation Areas
RLP 142 Country Parks
RLP 143 Touring Caravan and Camping Sites
RLP 144 Static Caravans, Chalets or Cabins
RLP 145 Additional Tourist Attractions
RLP 146 Tourist Accommodation
RLP 147 Hotel Policy
RLP 148 Visitor Facilities in Villages

Chapter 11 Community Facilities

RLP 149 Primary School Site, Witham
RLP 150 Educational Establishments
RLP 151 Protection of Community Services
RLP 152 Cemetery Extension, Bocking
RLP 153 Community and Village Halls
RLP 154 Community Uses Site, Coggeshall
RLP 155 Village Hall Site, Great Yeldham
RLP 156 Community Uses Site, Colchester Road, Halstead
RLP 157 Community Uses Site, White Colne
RLP 158 Community Uses Site, off Maltings Lane, Witham
RLP 159 Community Uses Hatfield Hall, Hatfield Road, Witham
RLP 160 Local Facilities in Rural Areas

Chapter 12 Utilities

RLP 161 Utilities Development
RLP 162 Telecommunications Development

Chapter 13 Implementation, Monitoring and Review

RLP 163 Infrastructure and Community Facilities
RLP 164 Environmental Impact Assessment
RLP 165 Monitoring
RLP 166 Enforcement