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Please note:
Most of the planning policies contained in the Adopted Structure Plan expired on the 27 September 2007 and are therefore no longer in effect.

This is a consequence of the provisions of the Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. However, the Secretary of State has decided that a limited number of Adopted Structure Plan policies should be 'saved' and should continue to apply after this date. She has issued a statutory Direction to this effect, since amended to reflect her approval of the East of England Plan on the 12 May 2008. These six 'saved' policies are:

NR3 - Extension of Suffolk Coasts/Heaths AONB (in Tendring district)
CC1 - Undeveloped Coast: Coastal Protection Belt
BIW9 - Airport Development
LRT6 - Coastal Water Recreation
EG1 - Proposals for New Power Stations
MIN4 - Sterilisation & Safeguarding of Minerals Sites

These saved policies above will continue to be a material consideration for the purposes of local planning and development control decisions. These policies have a transitional status and remain force until they are replaced by Development Plan Documents adopted by district planning authorities.

Appendix 7 - List of Essex and Southend-on-Sea Replacement Structure Plan Policies referred to in Local Plan Review

These policies can be viewed in full. Please contact the Planning Policy Group at County Hall, Chelmsford, or view the Structure Plan on the internet, www.essexcc.gov.uk

Core Strategy

CS2 Protecting the Built and Natural Environment
CS5 Sustainable Transport


C5 Rural Areas not in the Green Belt

Natural Resources

NR1 Landscape Conservation
NR4 Landscape Character Assessments
NR5 Historic Landscape Features
NR6 Nature Conservation Sites
NR7 Promoting Biodiversity
NR8 Agricultural Land
NR9 Woodland and Tree Cover


H1 Distribution of Housing Provision
H2 Housing Development - The Sequential Approach
H4 Development Form of New Residential Developments

Built Environment

BE1 Urban Intensification
BE3 Retention of Open Space
BE4 Sports Grounds and Playing Fields

Business, Industry and Warehousing

BIW1 Employment Land Provision
BIW2 Ensuring Land Availability
BIW3 Business Development - The Sequential Approach
BIW4 Safeguarding Employment Land
BIW5 Business Location
BIW6 Small Firms Location
BIW7 London Stansted Airport

Town Centres and Retailing

TCR1 Strategic Hierarchy of Urban Centres
TCR2 Retail and Town Centre Development - Sequential Approach
TCR3 Town Centres
TCR4 Retail Development

Leisure, Recreation and Tourism

LRT1 Sports/ Leisure Centres and Major Sports Stadia
LRT3 Formal Countryside Recreation Facilities
LRT4 Informal Countryside Recreational Areas
LRT8 Navigable Waterways
LRT9 Large-Scale Tourism Developments
LRT10 Tourist Accommodation

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