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Appendix 2 - Schedule of Employment Land Availability

Schedule of Employment Sites identified for future development as at 31.03.01, plus sites proposed in the Local Plan Review Revised Draft at April 2003.


Location Hectares
Swinbourne Drive, Springwood Industrial Estate 1.37
Tamdown Way, Springwood Industrial Estate 0.94
Cooper Drive, Springwood Industrial Estate 0.05
Crittall Drive, Springwood Industrial Estate 0.13
Springwood Drive, Springwood Industrial Estate 0.40
Land adjoining Crittall site, Springwood Drive 1.76
Land rear of Barlow Tyrie Springwood Ind’l Estate 1.01
Land adjacent former Crittall’s Social Club, Springwood Industrial Estate 2.42
Charter Way Business Park 5.55
South of Driberg Way, Skitts Hill Industrial Estate 0.22
Great Notley Business Park 14.50
Total Braintree: 28.35


South of Fifth Avenue, Bluebridge Industrial Estate 0.37
Land north of Fifth Avenue, Bluebridge Ind’l Estate 3.15
Land at Second and Fourth Avenue 0.02
Land south of sports ground, Broton Trading Estate 0.37
Fenn Road Depot site * 0.69
* Redevelopment potential following closure of the depot  
Total Halstead: 4.60


2, Stepfield 0.13
Plot 1, site of 26 Crittall Drive, Industrial Estate West 0.44
12, Crittall Road 0.12
Land adjoining British Gas site, Eastways 0.40
Bell Croft, Eastways 0.40
Phase Four, Eastways 1.29
Adjacent Beautimatic, Eastways 0.96
Phase Two, Waterside Business Park, Eastways 3.04
Plots 3-4, Europa Business Park 0.43
Mayland Road 0.35
Maltings Lane Business Park 10.08
Total Witham: 17.64


Land off Falconer Road 0.42
Bumpstead Road 8.50
Total Sturmer: 8.92
Total Urban: 59.51

Rural sites:

Earls Colne Airfield 0.50
Hunnable site Great Yeldham 3.49
Toppesfield Road Great Yeldham 1.45
Atlas Works site, Earls Colne
(B1 units = 0.13ha live/work units)
Blois Road Steeple Bumpstead 0.54
Threshelfords Business Park Feering **
**Indicative site area; development brief, to be prepared for
remaining land, will confirm the proposed extent of
Rayne Foundry site ***
***Comprehensive Development Area; mixed uses; total site
area - 1.7 ha.
Total Rural:
(excluding Comprehensive Development Area sites)
Total District: 66.45

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