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I am delighted that the Council has now adopted this Local Plan Review for Braintree District. It is the product of about seven years work. A local public inquiry into the Plan was held in 2004 conducted by Mr John Braithwaite, an independent Inspector. The Council received his report in December 2004, all the recommendations in the report were subsequently agreed by the Council and have been incorporated into the Plan.

The Plan will shape the development of the District in the period up to 2011. In meeting our housing requirements the emphasis will be on sites within existing urban areas and previously developed land. We are aiming to achieve a better balance between housing and employment and to provide more jobs by employment allocations at Great Notley, Witham and Halstead. The Plan also seeks to protect and enhance the already high quality environment of the District and will encourage innovation in new developments to meet higher environmental standards. We plan to encourage improved passenger transport and facilities for pedestrians and cyclists whilst recognising that for many people in rural areas the car is essential.

We have commenced work planning for the period beyond 2011. In March 2005 we published our proposals for preparing a local development framework under the new planning system introduced by the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. The development documents produced under the new system will progressively replace this Plan and will extend the plan period to 2021. In the meantime this Plan provides a sound and sustainable basis for the future development of Braintree District.

Photo of Wendy Scattergood

Councillor Wendy Scattergood
Cabinet Member for Planning and Rural Affairs

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