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10 Monitoring Framework

10.1 Table 3 lists the objectives and targets set out in the Core Strategy, together with the performance measures which will be monitored in order to assess whether targets and objectives are being achieved. The table also identifies who will be responsible for collecting the performance information. The Council will set out the performance measure information that it collects in its Annual Monitoring Report.

Table 3 Performance Targets and Measures

Objectives Targets Performance Measures Collected By
Housing Provision Minimum of 4637 dws between 2009-2026 Net additional dwellings completed per year ECC and BDC
  Managed annual housing delivery target Housing land availability per year - housing trajectory for 5 and 15 year period BDC
    Vacant dwellings ECC and BDC
Affordable Housing Provision 40% affordable housing on sites in rural areas of 5 dws or over or 0.16ha or over (excluding Sible Hedingham, Gt Notley and Forest Rd growth location in Rivenhall). Net additional affordable houses completed per year ECC and BDC
  30% affordable housing in Braintree, Witham and Halstead and growth location in Rivenhall on sites of 15 dws or over or 0.5 ha or over.

30% affordable housing in Sible
Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Provision 50 authorised gypsy and traveller pitches by 2011 and 67 by 2021 Number of authorised gypsy and traveller pitches BDC
5 transit pitches by 2013 and 6 transit pitches by 2021 Number of authorised transit gypsy and traveller pitches BDC
1 Additional travelling showpersons plot by 2021 Number of authorixed travelling showpersions plots BDC
  Number of unauthorised gypsy and traveller residential pitches BDC
  Number of unauthorised transit gypsy and traveller pitches BDC
  Number of unauthorised travelling showpersons plots BDC
23 additional authorised pitches by 2011

17 additional authorised pitches 2011 - 2021
Net additional gypsy and traveller pitches BDC
  Gypsy and Traveller annual caravan count BDC
Provision of Employment 7,000 net jobs between 2001 to 2013 and 7,000 net jobs between 2014 to 2026 Annual number of jobs created BDC
  Unemployment rate Nomis
  Proportion of working age population who are economically active Nomis
To reduce below 2001 Census level % of people of working age who outside the District to work Census
  Net additional non residential floorspace per year by use class ECC and BDC
  Non residential land available per year by use class ECC and BDC
  The proportion of working age population qualified to National Vocational Qualification Level 2 /or equivalent Nomis
  Net additional hotel beds per annum ECC
  Annual floorspace of completions and losses of non-residential uses in the rural areas ECC and BDC
  Annual amount of non residential land available in the rural areas by use class ECC and BDC
  Annual net gain/loss of retail floorspace ECC and BDC
  Annual retail land availability ECC and BDC
  Annual number of vacant retail premises in Braintree, Witham and Halstead, and in the Key Service Villages BDC
Completion by December 2011 Completion of Witham Station footbridge BDC
Completion by December 2018 Completion of Springwood Drive to Panfield Lane, local link road BDC
Completion by December 2012 Completion of Freeport cycle/footbridge BDC
Completion by December 2014 Completion of Motts Lane cycle/footbridge BDC
Completion by Completion of feasibility study of Braintree Branch line improvements BDC
Average of 500 metres per year Length of additional cyclepath provision by settlement BDC
Sustainable Locations of Housing Land   Amount and percentage of new housing development within 20 minutes public transport time of key services ECC
  Provision of travel plans ECC Highways
  Quality Bus Improvements ECC Passenger Transport
  Number of households without a car or van Census
Zero Planning permissions granted contrary to Environment Agency advice EA and BDC
  Amount of green space created annually BDC
  Number of local nature reserves annually BDC
No deterioration in condition of SSSI's Condition of SSSI's Natural England
  Air quality BDC
Zero Number of listed buildings demolished BDC
Annual reduction Number of buildings in District on English Heritage's and Essex Country Councilis buildings at risk registers ECC

English Heritage
3 per year Number of Conservation Area appraisals carried out BDC
  Additional allotment land provided per year BDC
  Additional playing fields BDC


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