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Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Development Plan
  • Figure 1: Planning Documents
  • Supplementary Planning Documents
  • Purpose, including objectives, of the MDD
  • Infrastructure Provision
  • Implementation and Monitoring
  • Structure of the MDD
  • Preparation of the MDD

Chapter 2: Cross Cutting Policies

  • Policy CC01 – Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development
  • Policy CC02: Development Limits
  • Policy CC03: Green Infrastructure, Trees and Landscaping
  • Policy CC04: Sustainable Design and Construction
  • Policy CC05: Renewable energy and decentralised energy networks
  • Table 1 Sub-regional targets for land-based renewable energy
  • Policy CC06: Noise
  • Policy CC07: Parking
  • Policy CC08: Safeguarding alignments of the Strategic Transport Network & Road Infrastructure
  • Policy CC09: Development and Flood Risk (from all sources)
  • Policy CC10: Sustainable Drainage

Chapter 3: Topic Based Policies:

  • Green Belt
    • Policy TB01: Development within the Green Belt
    • Policy TB02: Development adjoining the Green Belt
    • Policy TB03: Major Existing Developed Site in the Green Belt (Star Brick and Tile Works)
  • Atomic Weapons Establishment
    • Policy TB04: Development in vicinity of Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), Burghfield
  • Residential Uses
    • Policy TB05: Housing Mix
    • Policy TB06: Development of Private Residential gardens
    • Policy TB07: Internal Space Standards
    • Policy TB08: Open Space, sport and recreational facilities standards for residential development
    • Policy TB09: Residential accommodation for vulnerable groups
    • Policy TB10: Traveller Sites
  • Economy
    • Policy TB11: Core Employment Areas
    • Policy TB12: Employment Skills Plan
    • Policy TB13: Science and Innovation Park
    • Policy TB14: Whiteknights Campus
  • Retail Policies
    • Policy TB15: Major Town, and Small Town/ District Centre development
    • Policy TB16: Development for Town Centre Uses
    • Policy TB17: Local Centres and Neighbourhood and Village Shops
    • Policy TB18: Garden Centres and other small rural units outside Development Limits
    • Policy TB19: Outdoor advertising
    • Policy TB20: Service Arrangements and Deliveries for Employment and Retail Use
  • Landscape and Nature Conservation
    • Policy TB21: Landscape Character
    • Policy TB22: Sites of Urban Landscape Value
    • Policy TB23: Biodiversity and Development
  • Heritage
    • Policy TB24: Designated Heritage Assets (Listed Buildings, Historic Parks and Gardens, Scheduled Ancient Monuments and Conservation Areas)
    • Policy TB25: Archaeology
    • Policy TB26: Buildings of Traditional Local Character and Areas of Special Character

Chapter 4: Site Allocations

  • Housing
    • Introduction to residential allocations
    • Overall Housing Requirement and maintaining a rolling five year supply of housing land
    • Achieving the 1,000 dwelling requirement for identified sites in the Core Strategy
    • Identification of Reserve Sites
    • Providing a distribution of residential development across the three categories of settlement
    • Assessment of suggested sites
    • Policy SAL01: Allocated housing development sites (Sites identified through the former Wokingham District Local Plan)
    • Policy SAL02: Allocated housing development sites
    • Policy SAL03: Allocated reserve housing sites
    • Conclusions regarding achievement of Core Strategy requirements
    • Table 2 Assessment of the distribution of residential development through MDD and permissions since 1 April 2008
    • Policy SAL04: New open space associated with residential development within and adjoining the Borough
    • Policy SAL05: Delivery of avoidance measures for Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area
    • Policy SAL06: Allocated Country Parks
  • Economy
    • Policy SAL07: Sites within Development Limits allocated for employment/commercial development
    • Policy SAL08: Allocated Mixed Use Sites
  • Transport
    • Policy SAL09: Transport site allocations

Chapter 5: Monitoring Framework

  • Table 3 Monitoring Framework


  • Appendix 1: Noise & Vibration
    • Annex 1: Establishing Effect Levels
    • Annex 2: Information on Noise from Different Sources
  • Appendix 2: Car Parking Standards
  • Appendix 3: Strategic Transport Network and Road Infrastructure - Safeguarded Land and Protected Road/Railway Lines
  • Appendix 4: Defined Development Envelope for the Star Brick and Tile Works Major Existing Developed Site in the Green Belt
  • Appendix 5: Atomic Weapon Establishment Zones
  • Appendix 6: Primary and Secondary Shopping Frontages
  • Appendix 7: Local Nature Reserves
  • Appendix 8: Local Geological Sites
  • Appendix 9: Scheduled Ancient Monument
  • Appendix 10: Details of how plans and projects within Wokingham Borough avoid impacts upon Thames Basin Heaths SPA approved
  • Appendix 11: Details of how MDD replaced saved policies of the Wokingham District Local Plan
  • Appendix 12: Additional guidance associated with development of sites allocated in policies SAL01-SAL03
  • Appendix 13: Revised summary of housing land supply by Core Strategy Policy CP17 phasing period
  • Appendix 14: Update of Appendix 6 in Core Strategy concerning expected housing land supply to 2026