Test Valley Borough Local Plan 2006


In order to use this interactive version of the Test Valley Borough Local Plan 2006 to its fullest potential it is strongly recommended that the user goes to Local Plan Help and reads the guidance before proceeding further.

PLEASE NOTE - This plan has been superseded by the Revised Borough Local Plan 2016.

Links in the Interactive Local Plan:

The Interactive Local Plan

The Test Valley Borough Local Plan 2006 has been made into an interactive document for the ease of visitors to the Council's web site. You can find details about the Plan in two ways:-

Proposals Map and Inset Maps - select from a list of the towns and villages of Test Valley. Click on the map over a point of interest and a list of relevant policies will be presented. Then click on a particular policy and the corresponding policy text will be shown;
Written Statement - select a chapter, appendix or policy which will, using links, enable you to browse through the various chapters of the plan.

Under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 existing Local Plan policies are saved for a period of three years from adoption. The Council has been issued a Direction from the Secretary of State that allows certain Local Plan policies to be saved beyond 2nd June 2009.
A copy of the Direction can be viewed here: http://www.testvalley.gov.uk/resident/planningandbuildingcontrol/planningpolicy/development-plan/
This Direction should be read in conjunction with the Local Plan.

A comprehensive help page explains how to use this Interactive Local Plan website.

This electronic version of the Local Plan has been produced to improve accessibility to the Local Plan document. However the published printed version of the Proposals and Inset Maps are the official version. If in doubt, or in cases of discrepancy, please contact the Planning Policy team on 01794 527816 for advice.

If you have any questions regarding the Local Plan and what it means to you, please contact us on the above number or email to planning@testvalley.gov.uk.

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