Dear reader,

This document is the Adopted Core Strategy and Policies for Management of Development, Development Plan Document for Thurrock; the “Core Strategy” for short.

The Adopted Core Strategy addresses many issues affecting local people. The policies cover spatial development issues in relation to education, health, community safety, energy management, sustainable development, climate change and flood management. It also contains policies on more traditional but important planning activity such as housing, employment, leisure and sport, natural and historic environment and community facilities.

In light of the challenge of climate change we have strengthened our environmental policies and standards to ensure that future generations will not pay a heavy price for our increased prosperity.

We have strengthened the Core Strategy to reflect the changed economic conditions in Thurrock and set out our new vision for the future. The Core Strategy’s vision re-emphasises the need for the regeneration and renewal of Thurrock’s communities to be on a truly sustainable basis whilst protecting the Green Belt and conserving environmental assets within the Borough.

The Core Strategy is the most important step to date towards the creation of Thurrock’s long-term Spatial Development Plan. Thurrock is going through a period of significant change, which will see growth in jobs, homes, and infrastructure to support the needs of local people now, and for generations to come.

The Core Strategy is the foundation for future work on developing detailed policies for all types of development sites and areas of change such as Purfleet, the proposed Lakeside Regional Town Centre and London Gateway Port.

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