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The Development Plan

1.1 Planning decisions on proposals to build on land, or change its use, should not be arbitrary. They must be considered against clearly set out criteria. The statutory development plan provides the primary basis for this consideration, but decisions must also take account of other material considerations, including the Government’s national and regional planning guidance and material representations from interested parties. The development plan, therefore, provides an essential framework for planning decisions.

1.2 The development plan is rarely a single document. In Melton Borough the development plan comprises:

  • The Leicestershire Structure Plan;
  • The Leicestershire Minerals Local Plan; and
  • The Melton Local Plan (this document).

1.3 The Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Waste Local Plan is currently being prepared. Upon the adoption of the Waste Local Plan it too will form part of the development plan for the Borough.

The Leicestershire Structure Plan

1.4 Leicestershire County Council approved the existing Leicestershire Structure Plan in January 1994. The Structure Plan covers the period 1991 to 2006 and sets out the proposed strategic framework for the use and development of land in the area and provides the framework for the preparation of district-wide local plans, including the Melton Local Plan.

The Leicestershire Minerals Local Plan

1.5 The Leicestershire Minerals Local Plan was prepared by Leicestershire County Council and was adopted in May 1995. The Minerals Local Plan aims to balance the need to ensure a supply of minerals with the need to protect the environment from the adverse effects of mineral extraction.

The Melton Local Plan

1.6 The Melton Local Plan has been prepared by Melton Borough Council and guides development in the Borough. The Melton Local Plan was adopted in June 1999 and supersedes the Melton Mowbray and Asfordby Local Plan, the Melton (Rural Areas) Local Plan and the old style Leicestershire County Development Plan (as far as it effects Melton Borough). The Melton Local Plan covers the period 1991 to 2006.

1.7 The Melton Local Plan sets out the Local Planning Authority’s detailed policies and specific proposals for the development and use of land that will guide day-to-day planning decisions. The Local Plan’s policies include those which relate to the whole or part of the plan area, setting out the criteria which will be used to judge whether planning applications should be allowed, and those related to individual sites.

Written Statement

1.8 The Local Plan consists of a Written Statement, Proposals Map and Appendices. The Written Statement sets out the Council’s policies and proposals for the development and other use of land in the Plan area, together with reasoned justification. All policies and proposals are set out in BOLD CAPITALS. Other principle aims and objectives of the Council are shown in bold normal type. The subjects covered in the Written Statement are the Overall Strategy, Housing, Industry and Employment, Transportation, Countryside and the Natural Environment, the Built Environment and Conservation, Shops and Offices, Advertisements and Shop Fronts, Education and Community Facilities, Recreation and Leisure, Minerals, Despoiled Land and Waste Disposal, and Utilities and Other Services. The final chapter of the Written Statement sets out policies and proposals relating to a proposed New Village at the former Melton Mowbray Airfield.

Settlement Appraisals

1.9 There are 72 Settlement Appraisals which form part of the Written Statement. The Appraisals examine the planning policy implications of the Local Plan for each of the Borough’s settlements and include background information on population, housing provision and amenities. The Settlement Appraisals form part of the reasoned justification for the various policies and proposals affecting each settlement.

Proposals Map

1.10 The Proposals Map comprises a 1:50,000 scale map of the Plan area based upon an Ordnance Survey map. Policies for Melton Mowbray (including the proposed new village), the town centre and the villages are illustrated on separate maps at a larger scale and are called inset maps.


1.11 The Appendices provide further information and standards for development which are referred to in the Written Statement. The Appendices also form part of the Local Plan.

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