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Part Nine – Index of Policies

List of Policies

Chapter Policy Description
Chapter 4:
The Development Strategy
DS1 New Housing Development
DS2 Employment Growth
DS3 Location of Retail Development
Chapter 5:
Spatial Areas
FA1 Strategic Policy for Western Area
FA2 Strategic Policy for Central Area
FA3 Strategy for Hastings Town Centre
FA4 Strategy for Central St Leonards
FA5 Strategic Policy for Eastern Area
FA6 Strategic Policy for The Seafront
Chapter 6:
Developing Sustainable Communities
SC1 Overall Strategy for Managing Change in a Sustainable Way
SC2 Design and Access Statements
SC3 Promoting Sustainable and Green Design
SC4 Working Towards Zero Carbon Development
SC5 District Heating and Combined Heat and Power Systems
SC6 Renewable Energy Developments
SC7 Flood Risk
Chapter 7:
Protecting our Environment
EN1 Built and Historic Environment
EN2 Green Infrastructure Network
EN3 Nature Conservation and Improvement of Biodiversity
EN4 Ancient Woodland
EN5 Local Nature Reserves (LNR)
EN6 Local Wildlife Sites (LWR)
EN7 Conservation and Enhancement of Landscape
EN8 Open Spaces – Enhancement, Provision and Protection
Chapter 8:
H1 Housing Density
H2 Housing Mix
H3 Provision of Affordable Housing
H4 Houses in Multiple Occupation
H5 Accommodation for Travelling Communities
Chapter 9:
The Local Economy
E1 Existing Employment Land and Premises
E2 Skills and Access to Jobs
E3 Town, District and Local Centres
E4 Tourism and Visitors
Chapter 10:
Community Infrastructure
CI1 Infrastructure and Development Contributions
CI2 Sports and Leisure Facilities
CI3 Children’s Play Provision
Chapter 11:
Transport & Accessibility
T1 Strategic Road and Rail Schemes
T2 Local Road Improvements
T3 Sustainable Transport
T4 Travel Plans

Table 11: Index of Policies

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