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PPG13 indicates that PPG2 (Green Belts) has been amended by the insertion of the following text after paragraph 3.16:

Park and Ride

3.17 The countryside immediately around the urban areas will often be the preferred location for park and ride schemes. In many instances, such land may be designated as Green Belt. The Government’s commitment to maintaining the openness of the Green Belt means that when seeking to locate park and ride development, non-Green Belt alternatives should be investigated first. However, there may be cases where a Green belt location is the most sustainable of the available options. Park and ride development is not inappropriate in Green Belts, provided that:

  1. a thorough and comprehensive assessment of potential sites has been carried out, including both non-Green Belt and, if appropriate, other Green Belt locations, having regard to sustainable development objectives, and the need to be flexible about size and layout;

  2. the assessment establishes that the proposed green belt site is the most sustainable option taking account of all relevant factors including travel impacts;

  3. the scheme will not seriously compromise the purposes of including the land in Green Belts, as set out in paragraph 1.5;

  4. the proposal is contained within the local transport plan (or in Greater London the Local Implementation Plan) and based on a thorough assessment of travel impacts; and

  5. new or re-used buildings are included within the development proposal only for essential facilities associated with the operation of the park and ride scheme.

3.18 For larger-scale schemes local planning authorities must give particular attention to sub-paragraph (c) above. All criteria in paragraph 3.17 should also be applied when considering proposals for expansion of existing sites. Approval of park and ride development in a particular location does not create any presumption in favour of future expansion of that site. All proposals must be considered on their merits.

3.19 In all cases, the layout, design and landscaping of the scheme must preserve, so far as possible, the openness and visual amenity of the Green Belt. Particular care will be needed on matters, such as floodlighting, which are essential tot he safe operation of park and ride schemes but which may be visually intrusive unless carefully designed. Local authorities should make full use of planning conditions or obligations - see paragraph 3.14 and Circulars 11/95 and 1/97.

3.20 Park and ride development which does not satisfy the criteria in paragraph 3.17 should not be approved except in very special circumstances – see paragraphs 3.2 and 3.3, and circular 7/99.

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