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13.1 The policies and proposals of the Local Plan are a starting point in meeting the Plan’s long term Vision. Bringing sites forward for development, making environmental improvements, and protecting resources will mean involving many partners in the implementation of the Local Plan. In implementing the Local Plan the Council must also take account of the likely availability of financial, land, labour and other material resources.


13.2 Implementation of the Burnley Local Plan will not be the responsibility of just the Council. It will involve a wide range of public, private and voluntary sector agencies. It will also be essential to involve and use the skills, ideas and enthusiasm of local communities. The Council do not see the Local Plan as just a Council document. It is the Borough’s Local Plan – and in consulting as widely as possible through the Deposit stages the Council will hopefully have created such a wide sense of ownership with local communities, businesses and voluntary groups.

Local Communities

13.3 The Vision for the Burnley Local Plan is that:

By 2016, Burnley will be a thriving town in England’s North West. It will provide a good quality of life for everyone. At the same time, Padiham will have become a thriving market town. Both towns will be places in which people in which people can have pride and confidence. We will achieve this Vision by:

  • protecting the best elements of our local identity;

  • improving the poorest; and

  • minimising the impact on the environment

13.4 Local people and communities will have a central role to play in achieving this. This activity will take many forms.

13.5 It will range from comments and ideas put forward during the lifetime of the plan, to the energy and enthusiasm of local people. To utilising the labour, skills and activity of local people and groups on things such as community gardens, litter picks, and tree planting.

13.6 To play a part local people will not need to be a member of an organised group, or take part in an organised activity. Investment in one’s own home, for instance new windows or central heating, can help improve and maintain the Borough’s housing stock. Nor need involvement have a financial cost. A quality environment will be delivered if we all take a little more time to consider and think about our surroundings - and recycle more, not drop litter, drive more carefully, walk more often, respect public as well as private places, and take pride in the Borough’s environment.

Parish Councils, voluntary and interest groups

13.7 In implementing the Local Plan the Council will also seek to work with parish councils, voluntary sector and local interest groups. Such groups may only have none, or only limited financial resources, but they act as significant filters through which local opinion and views can be made and heard. They also help to organise local activities, and will have a key role to play in delivering a quality of life for all.

Private sector

13.8 If the Local Plan is to bring about lasting change and improvement the involvement and investment of the private sector, both local and from outside the Borough, will be crucial. Whether this is a local company submitting a planning application for an office or warehouse extension, a major housebuilder seeking to redevelop a brownfield site or a company seeking to invest in a speculative office or retail development.

13.9 Wherever possible, the Council will seek to work in partnership with the private sector to bring about a quality environment for all.

Public sector

13.10 Equally, important to the role of the private sector will be that of public sector organisations and agencies.

Regional bodies

13.11 The new regional dimension will also be crucial in implementing the Burnley Local Plan, particularly through the work of the North West Regional Assembly and the North West Development Agency (NWDA).

Central Government

13.12 Equally important to all of these is the role of Central Government, particularly with regard to resources. This is particularly the case in many parts of the Borough where the market alone cannot bring sites forward for development.

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