Please note that the Council is in the process of preparing a new Local Plan, which will eventually supersede the Local Plan Review in its entirety.

A number of policies in the Adopted Local Plan Review have expired, or been superseded since its adoption in 2005. These have been struck through in this interactive document.

The Braintree District Core Strategy Local Development Document was adopted on 19 September 2011 and covers the period 2011 to 2026. The Core Strategy is accompanied by the LDF Proposals Map, which replaces the Local Plan Review Proposals Map (67). The Proposals Map defines Inset Areas. Inset maps 1 to 66 are set out in the Braintree District Local Plan Review and are available to view through this interactive document.

Growth locations are shown on Insets 1a Land to the north-west of Braintree - off Panfield Lane, 1b Land to the west of the A131 at Great Notley, 2a Land to the north-east of Witham (in Rivenhall Parish) - off Forest Road, and 2b Land to the south-west of Witham - off Hatfield Road. These are set out in the Core Strategy and replace those areas of Inset 1 and 2 in the Local Plan which they cover.

The Council was working on a Site Allocations and Development Management Plan (ADMP) to replace the remaining Local Plan Review policies. However, as a result of new research, the decision was taken not to submit the Plan for examination and to begin work immediately on a new local plan. At its Full Council meeting on 15th September 2014, Councillors agreed that the ADMP as amended by Further Changes be adopted for use within development management decision making.
The Council's view is that the document should be given appropriate weight in all matters under consideration and that these are material considerations for the Council.

Local Plan Review Cover

This is an interactive version of the Braintree District Local Plan Review, which was adopted (that is approved following statutory procedures) by the Council on 25th July 2005.

This interactive version enables you to view and navigate through the Local Plan Review Proposals Map and Inset Maps online, search the maps by postcode and provides links from the Maps to relevant policies in the Local Plan Review.

You may now find details of the Plan in two ways :-

  • Entry via the Proposals Map and insets maps of the towns and villages of the District. Click on the map over a point of interest and the corresponding policy text will be shown; OR
  • Entry through the chapters or policies of the Written Statement, which will, using links, take the visitor through the various chapters of the plan.

A comprehensive help page explains how to use this Interactive Local Plan website.

If you have any queries about the Local Plan Review, please contact the Planning Policy Team on 01376 552525 extensions 2567, 2511 or 2577, or e mail planningpolicy@braintree.gov.uk

Note:This electronic version of the Local Plan has been produced to improve accessibility to the Local Plan document. However the printed version is the official version and takes precedence over the electronic copy in all cases. The style of the local plan document on this website follows the style used in the official version.