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Commitment to this Stategy
Executive Summary
1 Introduction and Background
The Local Development Framework
Confromity with Other Policies and Stratagies
2 A Spatial Portrait of Braintree District
Population and Housing
Communities and Services
3 Vision, Aims and Objectives
The Vision for Braintree District
The Aims of the Core Strategy
Delivering the Vision - The Key Objectives
4 Spatial Strategy
The ‘Hierarchy of Place’ in the Braintree District
Development at Growth Locations
Development and Growth in the District in more detail
Selection of Strategic Growth Location Sites in Braintree and Witham
The Proposed Growth Locations
5 Housing
Creating high quality places to live
Affordable Housing
Gypsies and Travellers and Travelling Showpeople
6 Economy
Provision of Employment
Rural Area
Town Centre Regeneration and Retailing
7 Transport
8 Environment
Built Environment
Open Spaces
9 Delivering the Strategy
Other Resources
10 Monitoring Framework
11 Glossary


Appendix 1 List of Braintree Local Plan Review (RLP) Policies superseded by Core Strategy Policies
Appendix 2 Housing Trajectory Information
Appendix 3 Settlement Hierarchy
Appendix 4 Infrastructure Trajectory
Appendix 5 Evidence Base
Proposals Map - (Plastic wallet at back of document)

List of Maps

Map 1 Key Diagram
Inset 1a Land to the north-west of Braintree - off Panfield Lane
Inset 2a Land to the north-east of Witham (in Rivenhall Parish) - off Forest Road
Inset 2b Land to the south-west of Witham - off Hatfield Road
Inset 1b Land to the west of the A131 at Great Notley

List of Policies

CS 1 Housing Provision and Delivery
CS 2 Affordable Housing
CS 3 Gypsies and Travellers and Travelling Showpersons
CS 4 Provision of Employment
CS 5 The Countryside
CS 6 Retailing and Town Centre Regeneration
CS 7 Promoting Accessibility for All
CS 8 Natural Environment and Biodiversity
CS 9 Built and Historic Environment
CS 10 Provision for Open Space, Sport and Recreation
CS 11 Infrastructure Services and Facilities

List of Figures

Figure 1 Components of the Local Development Framework
Figure 2 Housing Trajectory 2001 - 2026: Manage: Annual Requirement taking account of past and projected completions
Figure 3 Housing Trajectory 2001 - 2026: Monitor: number of dwellings above or below cumulative allocation
Figure 4 Schedule of Sites in 15 year supply