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General Character

16.1 Edgbaston Constituency is located in the south-west part of the City. From the City Centre it stretches south to Selly Oak and Northfield and east to Sparkbrook. The Constituency abuts the boundary of Sandwell and Dudley Metropolitan Boroughs to the west. In [1987] 1991 it had a population of around [64,000] 85,000. Key statistics relating to the Constituency are included in the table at the end of this chapter.

16.2 A number of radial routes cut across the Constituency. Bristol Road (A38) and Hagley Road (A456) are part of the Strategic Highway Network because of their importance as major entry points to the City from the south and west respectively. Wolverhampton Road South and West Boulevard also form part of the Strategic Highway Network. The Cross City rail line serves the Constituency with stations at Birmingham University and Five Ways. The line is also a main rail link for Inter-City services to Bristol and the South-West.

16.3 The major land use is residential and includes a wide range of house types. Properties in parts of Harborne, Quinton and areas such as the Calthorpe Estate, Edgbaston, are set in a high quality environment. There are also several areas of Council housing close to the City Centre (adjacent to Pershore Road and Bristol Road), in parts of Quinton and at Welsh House Farm, Harborne, Woodgate Valley and Bartley Green. In some of these areas the quality of the environment is poor, and levels of deprivation are high.

16.4 Much of the Constituency’s older housing in disrepair is concentrated north of Hagley Road. Another feature of the area’s property is the high percentage of privately rented housing - 18% of the stock, which is well above the City average.

16.5 Employment is largely concentrated in the service sector, with major centres at [Birmingham] the University of Birminghamand at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital site, [which has been identified as one of the hospitals likely to expand its services and facilities as part of the Regional Health Authority’s major restructuring of health services within the City]. Further locations are at the BBC, Pebble Mill, and the area of office and hotel development stretching outwards from Five Ways along Hagley Road. However, there is also major economic activity at Woodgate Business Park. There may also be potential for high technology industrial development linked to the A38 Corridor Strategy concept, which is currently being developed.

16.6 The Constituency benefits from an attractive ‘green’ environment to which the presence of institutions, private education establishments in large grounds, and three golf courses make a substantial contribution, together with Woodgate Valley Country Park which provides a substantial area of public open space at the southern boundary. Bartley Reservoir also attracts various water-based activities. However, in Quinton there is a lack of local open spaces, and in other areas there is a shortage of public open space and playing fields compared to the City Council’s standards. Prestigious assets within the Constituency include, Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Edgbaston Cricket Ground, as well as the employment centres mentioned above. Adjoining the Constituency the Midlands Art Centre at Cannon Hill Park and Edgbaston Reservoir are also important assets.

Policy Statement


16.7 Edgbaston is perceived as a ‘leafy’ residential area in close proximity to the amenities of the City Centre which makes it an important asset for future investment in the City as a whole. There are many older residential areas in Edgbaston which contribute much to the desirable character and high quality environment that is found throughout much of the Constituency. As a result there are no proposals for large areas of Edgbaston which are likely to see little change over the Plan period. It is envisaged that new housing will continue to come forward mainly on small windfall sites. However, action will be needed over the Plan period to tackle the problems of disrepair, for example, in the area north of Hagley Road in Edgbaston, [and] Welsh House Farm in Harborne and at Shenley Fields.

16.8 The major opportunities for future employment generation in the Constituency stem from building upon existing assets particularly around the University and Hospital and by the spin off from the International Convention Centre. The successful completion of Woodgate Business Park will provide new industrial opportunities in a high quality environment. The A38 Corridor Strategy may also provide employment opportunities within the Constituency. For example, operations at the BBC site at Pebble Mill are due to relocate during the Plan period. Pebble Mill is an important employment site with the potential to fulfil a role as part of the A38 Corridor Strategy.

16.9 Key environmental and recreational opportunities exist for the continued enhancement and protection of Woodgate Valley Country Park, and improved accessibility to, and continuity of, the many linear open spaces in the Constituency.

16.10 Electrification and improved rolling stock on the Cross City line [will increase] has increased its attractiveness and [this is likely to have] has had a positive effect on the number of people using the Five Ways and University stations. [Hagley Road has been identified as a priority for improvement to provide better access to the M5 and to serve commercial areas and the International Convention Centre; this corridor will also be subject to a feasibility study as a possible light rail/light rapid transit route.] The following public transport improvements are proposed:

  • Extension of Metro Line One to the Edgbaston Shopping Centre (T45);
  • Improvements to public transport in the Hagley Road corridor.

16.10A The Millennium Cycle Route skirts the Constituency boundary. Strategic cycle routes are also proposed along Bristol Road and along the Worcester and Birmingham Canal.

[Birmingham] University of Birmingham and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Site (part of Edgbaston Ward)

16.11 This area comprises [Birmingham] the University of Birmingham, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and adjoining areas.

16.12 The University of Birmingham is a major academic and research institution. Proposals to expand its teaching and research facilities will increase its attractiveness nationally and will be encouraged provided that they are consistent with other policies in the Plan. Links have been fostered between the business community and research and development enterprise at Birmingham University Research Park. The first phase of this project has now been completed and there are now further opportunities for expansion on land adjacent to the Research Park (Vincent Drive/Pritchatts Road), which will be developed for high technology industry (I38). [Links between the medical industry and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital also provide opportunities for economic development, particularly on land south of Vincent Drive which is suitable for high technology industry or other uses related to the University or Hospital (I39). These opportunities together with any expansion and concentration of facilities at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital provide the greatest employment potential in the Constituency. The commercial potential of appropriate frontage sites along the Bristol Road (A38) will also be exploited (C27).] Development proposals on sites in the A38 Bristol Road Corridor which are not allocated for any particular use in this Plan, or in Supplementary Planning Guidance, will first be considered against the requirements set out in the A38 Corridor Strategy, with suitable sites being reserved for high technology industrial uses. Within the A38 Corridor, alternative uses will only be permitted if it can be demonstrated that the site in question is not suitable for high technology uses, and provided that the proposed development is consistent with other policies in the Plan or in Supplementary Planning Guidance.

16.12A The Birmingham to Worcestershire High-Technology Corridor (Central Technology Belt), which includes the A38 Bristol Road in Edgbaston, has been identified in Regional Planning Guidance (RPG 11) as one of several High-Technology Corridors (see paragraphs 4.32A – 4.32C). Sites within the Central Technology Belt that fulfil the following criteria will be considered particularly appropriate for high-technology development in support of the Central Technology Belt strategy:

  • Sites greater than 1 hectare in size;
  • Sites that are capable of providing a high quality working environment;
  • Sites that are attractive to high-technology/knowledge-led companies with an international/ national/ regional choice of location;
  • Sites that are easily accessible to universities and other knowledge-led centres for technology transfer, education and training;
  • Sites that have good accessibility by a range of transport modes, including public transport.

Where a site becomes available for development that meets the above criteria, the City Council will consult the Central Technology Belt to establish whether the site is needed to support the strategy. Where this is the case, the City Council will support proposals involving the development of employment uses falling within Use Class B1 that involve high-technology/ knowledge-led development, for example, those identified in paragraph 4.32B. Offices falling within Class B1 (a) and warehousing/ distribution uses falling within Class B8 will only be considered acceptable if they are operationally linked to and/or ancillary to the high-technology uses. The City Council is likely to refuse permission for other uses on such sites.

16.12B There are a number of major opportunities for development/redevelopment in this area, with the potential to help meet the longer term needs of both the University and Hospital, as well as the City’s need for employment. This includes land to the south of Vincent Drive within Edgbaston, which forms part of a larger area between Metchley Lane Playing Fields and Bournbrook. This larger area presents a major opportunity for mixed use development (M32) including a new hospital. A detailed package of proposals designed to realise this potential, and at the same time resolve a range of access and environmental issues and regenerate the Selly Oak Shopping Centre, has been prepared. These proposals are set out in paragraphs 20.13 to 20.17B below. More detailed guidance is given in the Selly Oak Local Action Plan, which will be adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance.

16.13 The land south of Vincent Drive is a major crossroads for linear open spaces. It is essential that development provides for the extension of the Bournbrook (E77) and Castle (E78) Walkways to link with the Worcester and Birmingham Canal (E76) and that the nature conservation value of the Bournbrook will be protected and enhanced.

16.14 There are a number of environmental assets in Edgbaston which will be protected. These include: Edgbaston Pool, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) (E72), Birmingham Botancial Gardens, Westbourne Road Leisure Gardens and Edgbaston Hall, [both] which are listed in the National Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest and the remains of Metchley Fort, part of which has been designated as a Scheduled Ancient Monument. The fort also includes other archaeological remains of national importance. There are also three Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC’s) on land attached to Birmingham Botanical Gardens (E67), The Vale, Edgbaston (E68) and Edgbaston Park Golf Course (E73).

16.15 There are several visitor and recreation facilities [near to Cannon Hill Park] in this part of Edgbaston. These include Cannon Hill Park,Edgbaston County Cricket Ground, Birmingham Botanical Gardens, and the Nature Centre. Edgbaston Cricket Ground is recognised as an important cricket and sporting facility. High quality improvements to the facilities and safety standards will be encouraged, subject to the need to safeguard local amenity. Supplementary Planning Guidance has been adopted to guide the future development of the ground, including the pavilion and other stands. Another important recreational asset in this area is the River Rea which forms the eastern boundary of the Constituency. This linear open space will be protected (E79) and a walkway and cycleway [are being] has been developed along its route as part of the Millennium Cycle Route(T29).

16.15A An area of land fronting Edgbaston Road and adjacent to the Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) is available for development. The location of this site, close to Edgbaston Cricket Ground, the MAC and Cannon Hill Park, give it considerable potential for a high quality mixed use development. It is proposed that the site be developed with a mixture of uses, which should include an element of housing (M33). Other suitable uses could include offices, a hotel and leisure uses, which should be related to the existing facilities in the vicinity (e.g. the MAC or the Cricket Ground). Sports-based leisure uses would be particularly appropriate, given the location. Retailing activity other than that which would be ancillary to the other uses on the site will not be acceptable.

16.15B Edgbaston Constituency includes the Benmore and Woodview Estates, which together with the adjacent Lee Bank Estate (see City Centre Chapter) will benefit from regeneration proposals aimed at improving housing and community facilities (HR23). The proposals will involve refurbishment of existing housing, provision of new housing, and measures to tackle health, education, employment, training and community safety issues. A development framework for the Central Area Estates (Attwood Green) has been prepared as Supplementary Planning Guidance, and includes detailed planning and design principles.

16.15C Regeneration of the Belgravia Estate, on the southern side of Belgrave Middleway, will also take place over the Plan period (HR24A). This will involve the clearance of 12 blocks of low-rise flats and maisonettes, and redevelopment with new housing. Environmental works will also be undertaken within the estate to improve community safety.

Hagley Road (part of Edgbaston Ward, part of Harborne Ward and part of Quinton Ward)

16.16 The Hagley Road area adjacent to the City Centre is characterised by office, hotel and entertainment uses. Service sector activity has traditionally been attracted to this area by its proximity to the City Centre, its high quality environment and accessibility. Hagley Road also falls partly within Ladywood Constituency.

16.17 Hagley Road forms an important strategic western approach to the City from the M5 [and will be upgraded]. Access to the eastern end of the area is good by rail (via Five Ways Station) and will be further improved by the proposed Metro Line One extension to the Edgbaston Shopping Centre. [A corridor between Five Ways and Quinton will be investigated as a possible light rail/light rapid transit route.] Highway improvement lines have been retained for possible public transport improvements in the short-term.Following electrification of the Cross City railway line the provision of a new station at Church Road, Edgbaston will be considered.

16.18 Hotel development along Hagley Road provides accommodation for many of the business visitors to Birmingham. [and] The opening of the International Convention Centre and related redevelopment [is likely to] has enhanced the appeal of this area to short-stay visitors. Further hotel and office development will be permitted in the following frontages which already contain a high proportion of commercial uses: the north side of Hagley Road from 213-267 Hagley Road and from 397-439 Hagley Road and on the south side of Hagley Road from 152-214 Hagley Road and from 278-314 Hagley Road and from 322-336 Hagley Road. The frontages between Five Ways and Monument Road, and Five Ways to 150 Hagley Road will continue to be suitable for office use and could also be suitable for hotel development. All commercial development should maintain and enhance the character of the area, ensure the amenity of local residents is safeguarded and that car parking [needs] provision can be [fully] met within the site (C5). [The former St. Chads Hospital site falls within this area and would therefore be suitable for hotel or office development.]

16.19 Hotel, leisure and tourism development will be encouraged adjacent to Edgbaston Reservoir where this will not detract from the nature conservation value of the reservoir or the amenity of local residents (C6). Edgbaston Reservoir is an important asset to the north of the constituency which will be protected as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) (E40). A development framework for the Loop Canals and Reservoir will be prepared as Supplementary Planning Guidance, to guide future development within the area.

16.20 North of Hagley Road there is a Conservation Area around St. Augustine’s Church. There are also many large Victorian and Edwardian houses which have been converted into flats or bedsits, often providing accommodation for single people. Others are being used for institutional purposes, such as hostel accommodation. Further expansion of such uses will not be permitted if it is likely to have an adverse effect on the character of the area. There are similar problems in the Rotton Park Road/ Portland Road area, where an Area of Restraint has been identified (Hi13). New proposals for non-family dwelling uses such as those listed above may be refused on the grounds that further such uses may adversely affect the character of the area.

16.21 The Calthorpe Estate lies to the South of Hagley Road. This is an area with an important conservation value - it includes three Conservation Areas and assets such as the Martineau Environmental Studies Centre - which provides a high quality residential environment close to the City Centre. [The particular character of the area will continue to be protected.] It is one of the largest privately-owned urban estates in the country. Its influence has been particularly important in preserving the quality and character of the Edgbaston Conservation Area. In 1995 the Calthorpe Business Area Initiative was started by the Calthorpe Estate and the City Council, due to mutual concerns over increases in vacant floorspace (particularly in older buildings) traffic, security and the environment. The aim of the initiative is to bring about improvements in the physical environment and economy and to maintain the area’s long term vitality and prosperity.

16.22 Edgbaston shopping centre, which adjoins Five Ways, has an important local shopping function which should be retained. In the main shopping area, restaurant and entertainment uses will be restricted (S18) by primary retail frontage policies.

16.22A The redevelopment of the Edgbaston Shopping Centre, and any nearby obsolete offices at Five Ways, will be encouraged, to provide a high quality mixed- use development to complement the regeneration of the City Centre. Appropriate uses would include retail, leisure, offices and residential. This area will have excellent public transport links to and from the City Centre, once the proposed Midland Metro extension is implemented. In view of its history, its location on the fringe of the City Centre, and its accessibility, commercial office development is considered to be appropriate adjacent to the Five Ways junction and in the area immediately surrounding it, including the site of Edgbaston Shopping Centre. City Centre policies towards housing densities (see Chapter 5, paragraph 5.38) will also be applied to any redevelopment proposals in this area. In addition, developers will be expected to contribute towards the provision of the Midland Metro extension the Council will negotiate with developers of sites which would benefit from the potential for modal shift from private to public transport from the Midland Metro extension, to make contributions towards its provision at a level that is fairly and reasonably related in scale to a proposed development.

16.22B The Ivy Bush shopping centre also has an important local function which should be maintained.

16.23 [Should the Nerve and Skin Hospitals be declared surplus, residential or other institutional use would be appropriate for the Nerve Hospital and office use for the Skin Hospital. ] The vacant former Skin Hospital provides an excellent opportunity for high-density housing development close to Five Ways railway station. Any new development should preserve the character and appearance of the listed building and its setting. The University of Central England’s Edgbaston Campus on Westbourne Road is a significant asset and improvements to facilities will be supported, provided that they are consistent with other policies in the Plan and that they maintain the character of the area. The former Martineau Environmental Studies Centre (now known as Martineau Gardens) in Priory Road is much in need of improvement and proposals which secure its re-use for educational, medical, health and other uses falling within Class D1, non-residential institutions (Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987, as amended or any other subsequent re-enactment thereof) will be encouraged subject to the character of the Conservation Area being maintained.

Woodgate Valley and Environs (part of Bartley Green Ward and part of Quinton Ward)

16.24 [The focus of this area is the Woodgate Valley Country Park which is in the south-west corner of the Constituency and extends into the adjoining Constituency of Northfield. Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC’s) will be protected at Pills Woods (E69), and Woodgate Valley (E75).]. [19.11] Woodgate Valley, including land at Quinton Meadows, is an important part of the Green Belt. This area forms part of agreen wedge extending from the Worcestershire countryside into the built-up area. Much of Woodgate Valley is included in a country park, together with a visitors centre. It provides a variety of open space, leisure and environmental education facilities to serve both local and wider needs. Opportunities will be taken to extend the range of facilities available. [A site for a new Fire Station has been identified at the edge of the Valley, on the corner of West Boulevard (CF8).] To the east of the country park, Harborne Golf Course and Church Farm Golf Course are important recreational assets.

[19.12] 16.25 Woodgate Valley Country Park is also important in nature conservation terms. A number of specific Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation have been identified within the country park and these will be protected:-

  • Woodgate Valley (E75)
  • Watery Lane (E88)
  • Clapgate Lane Woodland (E89)
  • Meadows between Kitwell Lane/Wood Lane and M5 (E90)
  • Stonehouse Lane Relict Woodland (E91)

Outside the Country Park, Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation have been identified at Pills Wood (E69) and Quinton Meadows (E132).

[19.14 New housing is proposed on 4ha of land off Adams Hill. Planning permission has been agreed, subject to the retention of Broadhidley Wood for open space purposes. This scheme will provide up to 130 new homes (H30).]

[19.15] 16.27 Woodgate Business Park adjoins the southern boundary of the Country Park. This best urban industrial site provides 17ha of serviced plots for business purposes in a high quality environment (I47). Considerable interest has been shown [and all plots have been pre-allocated.] with just 3 plots remaining undeveloped.

16.27A The Quinton Expressway is an important gateway to the City from the west, and the City Council will preserve its green and welcoming character. Approximately half of the site at the junction of the M5 and Quinton Expressway, known as Quinton Meadows, will be reserved for linked areas of public open space and for landscaping and regenerative planting (E73A and E73B). Part of the area has been identified as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) and will be protected as such (E132). The site at E73A will be protected as a public park and playing field.

[16.25] 16.28 [Part of the site at the junction of the M5 and Quinton Expressway (known as Woodgate Site A)] The other part of Quinton Meadows is proposed for high quality (B1) industrial / business uses (I37A). This site benefits from excellent accessibility by road - into the heart of the City via the Quinton Expressway and to the national highway network via the M5. It is [one of the best] a high quality economic development [opportunities in the city] opportunity which will be particularly suitable for accommodating major inward investment (refer also to Chapter Four). [The development will have low site coverage and be of the highest quality in terms of design in an attractive landscaped setting. The site will not be released on a piecemeal basis, it will be reserved to accommodate a single or small number of prestigious ‘clean’ employment users which could not be accommodated on sites within the existing built up area. Speculative developments will not be permitted. Development proposals will be expected to be accompanied by an Environmental Assessment] It will be a low-density, high quality development, in an appropriate landscape setting, within which care will be taken to protect the adjoining Bourn Brook and the SINC.

[16.26] 16.29 [Areas to the north and south of the industrial allocation will be reserved for linked areas of public open space and for landscaping and regenerative planting (E73A and E73B).] The maintenance and enhancement of the nature conservation value of the areas to be retained as public open space will be a priority and will be secured by an agreed management plan.The provision of a safe pedestrian link or links with the Woodgate Valley Country Park and Highfield Farm Recreation Groundwill be provided as part of the development of site I37A for business/ industrial uses, as will other local links to adjacent housing areas.

[16.27] 16.30 [Woodgate Valley is an important green wedge where Green Belt policies will apply. It extends from the Worcestershire countryside into the built-up area and it provides a variety of open space, leisure and environmental education facilities to serve both local and wider needs.] The Bournbrook Walkway (E77) runs through the Valley, [forming part of the southern boundary of the Constituency,] and will be extended to link with the Worcester and Birmingham Canal. The Castle Walkway (E78) is a linear open space [forming part of the southern boundary of the Constituency,] and will also be extended to link with the canal. The Lapal Tunnel, which formed part of the former Dudley No. 2 (Lapal) Canal, runs beneath the Woodgate Valley area. Any development in the vicinity of the tunnel should not preclude the future reinstatement of the former Canal.

[16.28] 16.31 [A Conservation Area is proposed for Quinton Village in the north west corner of the Constituency (E65).] Quinton centre has an important local shopping function which should be maintained. Part of the centre falls outside the City’s administrative boundary. The centre will be monitored, and if necessary, a local planning framework will be prepared in liaison with adjoining authorities.

Bartley Green (part of Bartley Green Ward)

[19.17] 16.32 The Bartley Green area includes the reservoir and adjoining waterworks, together with Senneleys Park and adjoining Council housing estates.

16.32A The Ley Hill Estate has been identified as an area of housing regeneration (HR24B).

[19.18] 16.33 Bartley Reservoir is an attractive area and has been identified as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (E93). Although some use is made of the reservoir for recreational purposes - most notably by a private sailing club - the full potential of the area for conservation, recreation and environmental education remains to be fully investigated. Any future development should reflect the twin objectives of conserving and enhancing the existing natural environment.

[19.19] 16.34 The Bartley Reservoir area is designated as a green wedge; general policies relating to green belt areas will apply. Links will be created, wherever possible, between the Reservoir and other public open space facilities (eg Senneleys Park, Woodgate Valley).

[19.20] 16.35 Bromwich Wood has been identified as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation, and [will be protected. It is also proposed that] has also been designat[ion] ed as a Local Nature Reserve [should be sought as a means of enhancing it] (E94). Its nature conservation value will be protected.

Harborne (part of Harborne Ward)

[16.29] 16.36 This area is based around Harborne High Street and includes adjoining residential areas. Harborne High Street is an important shopping centre with a large catchment area for convenience shopping. The Centre is currently buoyant, but experiences pressure from service uses which needs to be controlled: primary retail frontage policies will apply (S19). Modest growth compatible with the existing character of Harborne High Street will be encouraged. Opportunities for new development are generally limited, although if an appropriate site should become available the centre would benefit from the addition of a larger food store.

[16.30] 16.37 Movement through and within the High Street is often difficult due to traffic congestion. It is important that the need to [solve] addresstraffic problems reflects the need to protect the character of the High Street and the adjacent residential areas. Where possible, additional off-street parking and rear servicing will be supported where these will help relieve traffic problems.

[16.31] 16.38 The residential areas of Harborne are generally attractive. Currently, two Conservation Areas exist (Moor Pool and Harborne Old Village) and two more are proposed at Chad Valley, Edgbaston and the area around Greenfield Road, Harborne, which contains attractive terraced housing. These designations will ensure that the character and appearance of these areas will be protected and enhanced (E66 and E71).

[16.32] 16.39 Welsh House Farm estate is an isolated area of poor quality housing in need of improvement. Appropriate housing strategies will be applied to improve the housing and environmental conditions on the estate. As part of the strategy to improve the estate, a Joint Venture is proposed, involving the clearance and redevelopment of some of the worst housing on the estate (HR25). Several sites will be developed with replacement housing, including land at Tennal Lane which is no longer required for allotment purposes. Altogether about 2 hectares of land will be developed with new housing, providing around 70 new dwellings, including a mixture of housing types. A site of about 0.4 hectare at Rilstone Road will be developed as public open space, including a children’s play area.

[16.33] 16.40 The Harborne Walkway, which follows a disused railway line, is an important linear route both in environmental and recreational terms (E42). It also provides links to the Chadbrook Walkway (E63) and beyond the Constituency boundary in the north to the Birmingham (Main Line) Canal. These walkways will also be enhanced and Harborne Walkway will be protected as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) (E43).

[16.34 Part of the former playing fields of Yewcroft School will be incorporated into the adjacent public park (E70)]. [An area of land currently allotment gardens at Pereira Road/Westfield Road will be improved by a woodland planting scheme. (E64).]

List of Proposals

This list provides a brief reference to the proposals indicated on the Proposals Map. It must be read in conjunction with the accompanying Constituency Policy Statement in the context provided by Chapters Two to Eight.


Conservation Areas will be declared at:

[E65: Quinton Village - para 16.28]

E66: Chad Valley, Edgbaston - para [16.31] 16.38

E71: Greenfield Road, Harborne - para [16.31] 16.38

The following site will be protected as a Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI):-

E72: Edgbaston Pool - para 16.14

The following sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs) will be protected:-

E40: Edgbaston Reservoir - para 16.19

E43: Harborne Walkway - para [16.33] 16.40

E67: Land attached to Birmingham Botanical Gardens - para 16.14

E68: The Vale, Edgbaston - para 16.14

E69: Pills Wood, Harborne - para [16.24] 16.25

E73: Edgbaston Park Golf Course - para 16.14

E75: Woodgate Valley - para [16.24] 16.25

E88: Watery Lane - para [19.12] 16.25

E89: Clapgate Lane Woodland - para [19.12] 16.25

E90: Meadowlands between Kitwell Lane/Wood Lane and M5 - para [19.12] 16.25

E91: Stonehouse Lane Relict Woodland - para [19.12] 16.25

E93: Bartley Reservoir - para [19.18] 16.33

E94: Bromwich Wood - para [19.20] 16.35

E132: Quinton Meadows - paras 16.25 and 16.27A

The following sites will be laid out for open space:

E73A (3.3 ha) and E73B ([3.2 ha minimum] about 6.7ha) [Woodgate Site ‘A’] Quinton Meadows (parts) - para [16.26] 16.29 16.27A

The following proposals will form part of a network of linear open spaces across the City:-

E42: Harborne Walkway - para [16.33] 16.40

E63: Chadbrook Walkway - para [16.33] 16.40

E76: Worcester-Birmingham Canal - paras 16.13 and 16.30

E77: Bournbrook Walkway - paras 16.13 and [16.27] 16.30

E78: Castle Walkway - paras 16.13 and [16.27] 16.30

E79: Rea Valley Walkway - para 16.15

[Other proposals:-]

[E64: Pereira Road/Westfield Road – para 16.34]

[E70: Yewcroft School (1.3 ha approx) - para 16.34]


The following sites will be developed for industry:-

I37A: Land at[Woodgate Site ‘A’]Quinton Meadowsup to [10 ha] 7.4 haBest Urban - para

[16.25] 16.28 and 16.29 (part completed)

I38: Land adjacent to Birmingham Research Park (1.4 ha) Best Urban - para 16.12

[I39: Land south of Vincent Drive (8.5 ha) Best Urban - para 16.12]

I47: Woodgate Business Park (17ha) Best Urban - para [19.15] 16.27 (mostly completed)

In addition, land within the A38 Bristol Road Corridor will be developed for high technology industry, in accordance with the A38 Corridor Strategy – para 16.12A


The following commercial development opportunities are identified:-

C5: Hotel development along Hagley Road - para 16.18 (partly implemented)

C6: Hotel, leisure and tourism development adjacent to Edgbaston Reservoir - para 16.19

[C27: Bristol Road frontage - para 16.12]

Mixed Use

The following areas is are identified for mixed use development:

M32: Selly Oak – between Metchley Lane Playing Fields and Selly Oak Hospital, to include a new hospital and business/science park, as specified in the Selly Oak Chapter and in the Selly Oak Local Action Plan - paras 16.12AB and 20.15C – 20.17BA

M33: Land fronting Edgbaston Road and adjacent to the Midlands Arts Centre (3.2ha) – para 16.15A

Housing Regeneration

[A]Housing Regeneration Initiatives [is] are proposed in the following areas:-

[HR16: Shenley Fields - Para 19.22]

HR23 Central Area Estates (Attwood Green)- para 16.15B (underway)

HR24A: Belgravia Estate – para 16.15C

HR24B: Ley Hill Estate – para 16.32A

HR25: Welsh House Farm Estate - para 16.39 (underway)


[The following sites will be developed for housing:-]

[H30: Adams Hill (4ha - approx 130 dwellings) - para 19.14]

[H32: Woodcock Lane/Shenley Drive (5.2ha - 167 dwellings) - para 19.22]

The following Area of Restraint is identified:

Hi13: Rotton Park Road/Portland Road - paras 12.37 and 16.20 (policy adopted)


The following public transport improvement is proposed:-

T45 – Metro Line One Extension between Snow Hill, New Street and Five Ways/ Edgbaston – para 16.10

Road improvements will be carried out at:-

T28: A38 Bristol Road, Selly Oak - new road [-para 16.13]

[A cycleway] The following cycle routes will be developed [along]:-

  • T29: Millennium Cycle Route, incorporating Rea Valley Cycle Route paras 16.10A & 16.15
  • T47: Bristol Road – para 16.10A
  • T47A: Worcester & Birmingham Canal – para 16.10A*
  • *part of proposed Lapworth Loop

The following key highway improvement lines will be protected:

  • Hagley Road – Lordswood Road to Five Ways
  • North and West of Bristol Road – Selly Oak

In addition, [the Cross City Line is to be electrified] [and a ‘corridor’ between Five Ways and Quinton will be investigated for a possible Light Rail/Light Rapid Transit route. The A456 Hagley Road is identified as an improvement priority] it is proposed to improve public transport services in the Hagley Road corridor(para 16.10).


Primary retail frontage policies will apply in the following centres:-

S18: Five Ways - para 16.22 (policy not yet prepared)

S19: Harborne High Street - para [16.29] 16.36 (policy adopted)

[Community Facilities]

[Proposals include:-]

[CF8: Site of Fire Station at Stonehouse Lane/West Boulevard (1.04ha) - para 19.11]

NB With the exception of some commitments carried forward from adopted Local Plans the UDP only refers to land use proposals on sites of one hectare or more in size and to highway improvements costing more than £1 Million.



Central Area Estates Development Framework

Edgbaston Reservoir and Surrounds Development Framework (draft) (N.B. this will be superseded by Loop Canals and Edgbaston Reservoir Development Framework)

Loop Canals and Edgbaston Reservoir Development Framework**

Selly Oak Local Action Plan (draft)

Warwickshire County Cricket Club Planning Framework


Land at Bristol Road, Selly Oak

Woodgate Business Park


Areas of Restraint in respect of the location of residential care homes, nursing homes, hostels and day nurseries within the Gillott Road area

Harborne Policy for Non-Retail uses



* This list was accurate at the time that the UDP Alterations were prepared early in 2001. An up-to-date listing of SPG currently in use and new Local Development Documents (LDDs) in preparation may be found in the current Local Development Scheme (LDS) for Birmingham.

** In preparation/to be prepared (at 2001)

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