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This is a time of significant change and opportunity for Bedford Borough. Our Growth Area status has placed on us the responsibility to deliver the regeneration of the town centre together with new homes and jobs.

We are officially accredited an ‘excellent council’, and soon we will be a unitary authority which puts us in a strong position to implement this ambitious programme with the help and support of our partners and the community.

The Core Strategy and Rural Issues Plan is a daunting name but it will play a crucial role in providing the policy framework to deliver sustainable growth up to 2021.

Sustainability means not just providing homes, local job opportunities and a vibrant and successful town centre; it is also vital in fostering viable rural communities and providing green infrastructure.

It is the first of our development plan documents to be adopted and will provide the platform for other policy documents which will become the Bedford Development Framework. As government policy evolves there will be advances, particularly on climate change, and improved community benefits from new developments.

I welcome the plan and take this opportunity to thank those members and officers who have worked to achieve this important milestone in planning the future of the borough and all of its communities.

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Frank Branston

Frank Branston

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