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Creating a vibrant, dynamic and successful town centre goes to the heart of the Council’s priorities and the Area Action Plan will play a crucial role in providing the policy framework to deliver sustainable growth up to 2021.

This is a time of significant change and opportunity for Bedford town centre. Our growth area status has placed on us the responsibility to deliver the regeneration of the town centre to ensure that it fulfills its role within the Milton Keynes and South Midlands sub-region.

New homes, jobs, better shopping, cultural and leisure opportunities, improved access and public transport interchange and a rejuvenated High Street are all in the frame.

The Council will work with its partners and stakeholders to deliver this vision and ensure that Bedford will become the heart of the growth area, serving the growing community and competing effectively with other centres in the years ahead.

This is the second of our development plan documents to be adopted and I welcome the plan and take this opportunity to thank those members, officers and community partners who have worked to achieve this important milestone in planning the future of the town centre.

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