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17. Former Land Settlement Association Area

17.1 The former Land Settlement Association area of smallholdings within Wyboston, Chawston and Colesden parish was created during the 1930s and supported decades of agricultural and horticultural activity. Whilst land use in the area has changed over recent years and many dwellings have been extended, the area’s distinctive spatial pattern and layout is still clearly evident. The position of modest homes on large plots and the spaces that are created result in a unique settlement character which is worthy of protection.

17.2 A distinctive spatial pattern of relatively uniform 1.5 to 2 hectare plots continues to represent the area’s history of land-use and settlement. The original dwellings were modest, brick clad, steep-pitch roofed detached houses, in two distinctive styles. Dwellings were orientated to the road and laid out with consistent building lines, setbacks and generous separation between dwellings. The Council’s policies have been applied over time, to ensure extensions to dwellings retain strong elements of the original style and common characteristics with other dwellings, so that dwellings and structures compliment each other.

17.3 Saved Local Plan Policy NE19 is specific to the former Land Settlement Association area. It is replaced by Policy AD44 which makes more detailed reference to the features that make this area distinctive.

17.4 Policy CP13 of the Core Strategy and Rural Issues Plan is also applicable in the former Land Settlement Association area and it protects the countryside from inappropriate development.

Policy AD44 Former Land Settlement Association Area

Within the former Land Settlement Association Area defined on the Policies Map, development will only be permitted where applications:

  1. Maintain the distinctive spatial pattern, layout and scale of plots.
  2. Respect the style, scale, appearance and orientation of the original dwellings and separation between them.
  3. Protect residential amenity from inappropriate disturbance.
  4. Do not result in unacceptable levels of traffic generation.

17.5 The boundaries of the Land Settlement Association designation can be found on the Policies Map.

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