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Preparing this Allocations and Designations Local Plan has been first and foremost about finding the best, most sustainable sites to provide new housing and jobs. Without these our local economy cannot grow and prosper and without the right infrastructure of all types to support that growth, our communities will not thrive.

Because of this, the plan is about more than just finding sites to build on. It is also about identifying where building shouldn’t happen at all or where particular care must be taken. Its policies protect what is important to local people such as parks, local green spaces and gaps between villages. It also explains where new development will result in the need for funding road or junction improvements or for gaps in the cycle network to be filled alongside housing or employment growth.

Importantly in these difficult economic times it identifies new strategic sites for employment so we are well placed to take advantage of an upturn in the local and national economy but it also promotes exciting green infrastructure projects such as the water-sports lake in the Bedford River Valley Park and the Bedford to Milton Keynes Waterway Park. These too will bring visitors to the borough which in turn will help to support local businesses.

Finally, I would like to thank all the individuals, organisations and groups who submitted comments on the policies and proposals throughout the local plan preparation process. Your comments helped to shape the plan and have made it stronger for that participation.

Dave Hodgson

Dave Hodgson
Mayor of Bedford Borough

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