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12.1 The implementation of the plan is dependent on the effectiveness of its policies and the extent to which it is able to guide development and influence investment. The private sector will be the prime mover in bringing development forward which will look to the Local Plan for guidance. Besides local government, central government agencies and other public bodies such as housing associations will work in partnership with the private sector to work towards the objectives of the Plan.

12.2 In seeking to ensure that this is achieved the plan must be set within a framework that enables monitoring and evaluation to take place. Policies have to be clearly related to the aims and objectives of the plan and measures should be devised to assess the performance of each policy thus facilitating the process of monitoring and review.


12.3 The overall aims of this Local Plan are set out in paragraph 2.18. The nine aims summarise the key concerns of the plan. From each aim comes a set of more detailed objectives (listed in Appendix A) from which the plan policies were developed. The relationship of the policies to the objectives is also shown in Appendix A. As the policies are monitored it will therefore be possible to relate their impact back to the objectives and assess how far the aims of the plan are being achieved.


12.4 Local planning authorities are required to keep all those matters under review that are expected to affect the development or land use planning of their area. The key matters which are already monitored are housing and employment land uses where annual surveys take place.

12.5 The housing monitoring survey assesses the number of dwelling completions and the number of outstanding consents. Together this information is used to monitor the progress towards meeting the Borough's Structure Plan allocation.

12.6 The employment survey monitors the take up of employment land in the context of the Structure Plan and the Borough’s Economic Strategy.

12.7 In the past the Borough Council has carried out regular shopping surveys in conjunction with the County Council. In 1995, 1997 and 2000 consultants commissioned by the Council provided updated ‘health checks’ of retailing in the Borough. Similar measures will be used in the future as the need arises.


12.8 In addition to the general monitoring described above a more detailed evaluation of particular policies will be required. This will serve two purposes: it will:

  1. enable the effectiveness of the policies themselves to be assessed;

  2. provide a basis to demonstrate what progress is being made towards meeting the aims and objectives of the plan, its strategy and more sustainable development. This will also provide a link between the monitoring process and continuing process of environmental appraisal.

12.9 In order to do this, performance indicators have been devised for each policy. These are shown in Appendix B and will be used in subsequent reviews.

12.10 The utility of many performance indicators depends upon the Borough Council’s Development Control Computer System, mapping the extent to which planning decisions are consistent with the Local Plan.


12.11 The Borough Council from time to time prepares supplementary planning guidance to expand upon policy and give further detailed advice about development issues. PPG12 Development Plans states that supplementary planning guidance may be taken into account as a material consideration and will be given substantial weight provided that it is consistent with the development plan and has been prepared in consultation with the general public, businesses and other interested parties. Adopted Supplementary Planning Guidance at the time of the publication of this Local Plan are:

  • Landscape Design Guide: January 1983

  • Shopfronts & Advertisements – Design Guide: January 1984

  • Farm Buildings: June 1986

  • Bedford High Street – Street Facades, Shopfronts & Advertisements – Design Guide: June 1991

  • Stewartby Development Brief: June 1992

  • Biddenham Loop Development Brief: July 1994 (since withdrawn)

  • Thurleigh Airfield Development Brief: January 1996

  • Bromham Hospital Development Brief: October 1996

  • Traffic Calming: November 1996

  • Car Parking Standards: November 1997

  • Achieving Quality in Residential Layouts: September 1997

  • Wootton Development Brief: July 1999

  • Elstow New Settlement Planning and Development Brief: September 1999

  • Residential Extensions, New Dwellings and Small Infill Developments: January 2000

  • Water Conservation and Waste Management: February 2001

12.12 The above Supplementary Planning Guidance is re-endorsed by this Local Plan (see Policy S8). Other Guidance is being progressed in tandem with the Local Plan as follows:

  • Land West of Kempston Development Brief (since adopted, January 2003)

  • Land North of Bromham Road Development Brief (since adopted, January 2003)

  • Accessible Housing (since renamed Mobility Housing and adopted, September 2002)

  • Queen’s Park East Development Brief (since adopted, July 2002)

12.13 Other Supplementary Planning Guidance shall remain in force until superseded by this plan and revised briefs/guidance as appropriate. These are:

  • Land West of Elstow Bypass Development Brief

  • Shortstown Development Brief (since superseded)

12.14 In accordance with the provisions of this Local Plan it is proposed to prepare and consult upon supplementary planning guidance as follows:

  • Land at Shortstown Development Brief (since adopted, January 2003)

  • Biddenham Loop Revised Development Brief (since adopted, January 2003)

  • Urban Design/Local Distinctiveness Guidance

  • Energy Efficient Layouts Guidance.

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