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Local Plan 2002 policies to be replaced by the Allocations and Designations Local Plan

Allocations and Designations Local Plan Policy Local Plan 2002 Policy which has been replaced by Allocations and Designations Local Plan Policy
AD1 Sustainable Development Policy n/a
AD2 Sustainable Design and Construction n/a
AD3 Land at Hall End Road, Wootton n/a
AD4 Land at Old Ford End Road, Queens Park, Bedford n/a
AD5 Wixams Northern Expansion n/a
AD6 Land South of Ford End Road, Bedford n/a
AD7 Land East of Eastcotts Road, Bedford n/a
AD8 Dallas Road, Kempston n/a
AD9 St Bede’s School, Bedford n/a
AD10 Lansdowne Road, Warwick Avenue and Dynevor Road, Bedford n/a
AD11 Land at Medbury Farm, Elstow n/a
AD12 Land at Bell Farm, Kempston n/a
AD13 Marston Vale Innovation Park Phase 2, Wootton n/a
AD14 Land at Cardington Cross, Bedford n/a
AD15 Manton Lane Reservoir Site, Bedford n/a
AD16 Land West of Manton Lane, Bedford n/a
AD17 Land West of the B530, Kempston E4 Land West of the B530, Kempston
AD18 Land North of the A6-A428 Link Road, Bedford Replaces hotel location identified in H8 (Land North of Bromham Road, Biddenham) Development Brief.
AD19 Land at Manton Lane, Bedford n/a
AD20 Land at Bedford Road, Great Barford n/a
AD21 Land at Chawston Lakes, Roxton Road, Wyboston n/a
AD22 Land North of Ravensden Road, Salph End, Renhold n/a
AD23 Bedford River Valley Park Enabling Development n/a
AD24 Green Infrastructure Opportunity Zones NE22 Bedford Linear Park
AD25 Forest of Marston Vale NE21 Forest of Marston Vale
AD26 Bedford River Valley Park NE23 Bedford River Valley Park
AD27 Bedford to Milton Keynes Waterway Park n/a
AD28 Provision of Open Space and Built Facilities in Association with New Development LR15 Provision of outdoor playing space for sport, LR16 Provision of children’s play space, LR17 Provision of general amenity open space.
AD29 Kempston District Centre – new retail facilities SH5 District Centre
AD30 Kempston District Centre – changes of use SH8 Change of Use of Local Shops (part)
AD31 Local Centres – new retail facilities SH6 Local Centres, SH10 New Village Shops, POs and pubs
AD32 Local Centres and Other Defined Retail Centres SH8 Change of Use of Local Shops (part), SH9 Loss of village shops, POs and pubs (part)
AD33 Individual Shops and Undefined Retail Centres SH9 Loss of village shops, POs and pubs (part)
AD34 All Shop Units SH8 Change of Use of Local Shops (part), SH9 Loss of village shops, POs and pubs (part)
AD35 Road Schemes T2 Local transportation network improvements
AD36 Pedestrian Routes T13 Pedestrian Routes
AD37 Park and Ride Facilities T17 Park & Ride facilities and town centre parking
AD38 Commercial Vehicle Parking and Motorists’ Facilities T5 Motorists’ facilities and T18 Commercial vehicle park
AD39 Cycling T14 Cycle Routes
AD40 Village Open Spaces and Views H25 Important Open Space
AD41 Urban Area Boundary S3 Urban Area Boundary
AD42 Local Gaps BE5 Area of Special Restraint
AD43 Urban Open Spaces and Gaps NE7 Wildlife Corridors, NE17 Open Spaces, BE5 Area of Special Restraint, BE34a Protected Views
AD44 Former Land Settlement Association Area NE19 Wyboston Land Settlement Association Area

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