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Appendix 3

Implementation and Monitoring Framework


The current Sustainable Community Strategy published in 2009 replaces the Bedford Community Plan which was published in 2004 which was the relevant document when the Core Strategy and Rural Issues Plan was adopted.

Bedford Borough’s Sustainable Community Strategy 2009-2021 Goals

Thriving: With a stronger local economy delivering higher levels of growth and employment for the benefit of the Borough’s existing and future residents.

Greener: Supporting a high quality natural and built environment which is valued and enjoyed by all; which encourages biodiversity and supports the development of a low carbon community, including local businesses, capable of adapting to the impacts of climate change.

Aspiring: Where all the Borough’s children and young people are able to lead safe, healthy and happy lives and are provided with opportunities to develop their self-esteem, maximise their life chances and realise their full potential.

Healthy: Where everybody has access to high-quality health and social care services when they need them and the help they need to lead healthy and independent lives.

Safer: Where people live safer lives.

Inclusive: Where all people feel part of the wider community and are proud to celebrate its rich diversity; where inequalities are reduced and all people are able to participate in the sporting, artistic and civic life of the Borough.

Growing: Where the supply and quality of housing and transport is capable of supporting the needs and aspirations of the Borough’s population now and in the future.

The table below shows how each of the policies of the Allocations and Designations Local Plan contributes to the goals of the Sustainable Community Strategy. The Council is aware that some of the policies cannot be achieved solely through the grant or refusal of planning permission. The table therefore identifies which policies will require the coordination of multiple agencies to be  achieved and anticipated timescales. Some policies are intended to be ongoing throughout the life of the Plan and apply to all development proposals. As such it is not appropriate to set a timescale for their implementation.

Policy Sustainable Community Strategy Goal Delivery Agencies Timescale end date*
AD1 Sustainable Development Policy Greener
Bedford Borough Council/Developers Ongoing
AD2 Sustainable Design and Construction Greener Developers Ongoing
AD3 Land at Hall End Road Wootton Growing Developers and Borough Council for education element 2014
AD4 Land at Old Ford End Road, Queens Park, Bedford Growing Developers 2012
AD5 Wixams Northern Expansion Growing
Developers 2014 for delivery of railway station, 2021 for remainder of housing delivery
AD6 Land South of Ford End Road, Bedford Growing
Developers 2016
AD7 Land East of Eastcotts Road, Bedford Growing
Developers 2014
AD8 Dallas Road, Kempston Growing Developers 2014
AD9 St Bede’s School, Bedford Growing Developers 2014
AD10 Lansdowne Road, Warwick Avenue and Dynevor Road, Bedford Growing
Developers 2014
AD11 Land at Medbury Farm, Elstow Thriving
Developers 2021
AD12 Land at Bell Farm, Kempston Thriving
Developer 2021
AD13 Marston Vale Innovation Park Phase 2, Wootton Thriving
Bedford Borough Council/Developers 2021
AD14 Land at Cardington Cross, Bedford Thriving Developers 2021
AD15 Manton Lane Reservoir Site, Bedford Thriving Developers 2021
AD16 Land West of Manton Lane, Bedford Thriving Bedford Borough Council 2021
AD17 Land west of the B530, Kempston Thriving Developers 2021
AD18 Land north of the A6 – A428 Link Road, Bedford Thriving Developers 2021
AD19 Land at Manton Lane, Bedford Growing Travelling Showpeople, Bedford Borough Council 2014
AD20 Land at Bedford Road, Great Barford Growing, Healthy Developers/Primary Care Trust for doctors surgery 2014
AD21 Land at Chawston Lakes, Roxton Road, Wyboston – Holiday Fishing Village Thriving, Greener Developers 2021
AD22 Land north of Ravensden Road, Salph End, Renhold Growing Renhold Charity Cottages 2014
AD23 Bedford River Valley Park Enabling Development Greener, Thriving, Growing Bedford River Valley Park Group  
AD24 Green Infrastructure Opportunity Zones Greener Developer contributions Ongoing
AD25 Forest of Marston Vale Greener Marston Vale Trust, partners, volunteers, Developers (contributions) 2031 as per the Forest Plan
AD26 Bedford River Valley Park Greener Marston Vale Trust, partners, volunteers, developers Various projects to be completed before 2021, but projects to continue beyond the plan period.
AD27 Bedford to Milton Keynes Waterway Park Thriving
Bedford and Milton Keynes Waterways Trust, developers, Bedford Borough Council None but various sections anticipated to be completed during the plan period.
AD28 Provision of Open Space and Built Facilities in Association with New Development Greener Bedford Borough Council, Developers Ongoing
AD29 Kempston District Centre – New Retail Facilities Thriving Developers/Bedford Borough Council Ongoing
AD30 Kempston District Centre – Changes of Use Thriving Bedford Borough Council Ongoing
AD31 Local Centres – New Retail Facilities Thriving Developers/ Bedford Borough Council Ongoing
AD32 Local Centres and other defined retail centres Thriving Bedford Borough Council Ongoing
AD33 Individual shops and Undefined Retail Centres Thriving Bedford Borough Council Ongoing
AD34 All Shop Units Thriving Bedford Borough Council Ongoing
AD35 Road Schemes Growing Developers, Bedford Borough Council 2021
AD36 Pedestrian Routes Greener
Developers, Bedford Borough Council 2021
AD37 Park and Ride Facilities Growing
Bedford Borough Council and developers (through contributions) 2021
AD38 Commercial Vehicle Parking and Motorist Facilities Growing Developers 2021
AD39 Cycling Growing
Bedford Borough Council, Sustrans, Developers. Ongoing
AD40 Village Open Spaces and Views Greener Bedford Borough Council Ongoing
AD41 Urban Area Boundary Growing Bedford Borough Council Ongoing
AD42 Local Gaps Greener Bedford Borough Council Ongoing
AD43 Urban Open Spaces and Gaps Greener Bedford Borough Council Ongoing
AD44 Former Land Settlement Association Area Growing Bedford Borough Council Ongoing

* based on information supplied from the site proposer and from site submission forms/annual monitoring report returns.


As the Allocations and Designations Local Plan has to be consistent with the policies of the Core Strategy and Rural Issues Plan, it does not have its own set of objectives: its purpose is to implement those of the overarching strategy set out in the Core Strategy and Rural Issues Plan. Monitoring of the effectiveness of the Allocations and Designations Local Plan will therefore take place through the monitoring framework of the Core Strategy and Rural Issues Plan. The table below shows how the policies of the Plan contribute to achieving the objectives of the Core Strategy and Rural Issues Plan.

Core Strategy and Rural Issues Plan objective How Allocations and Designations Local Plan contributes to achieving objective
1. Deliver the planned growth in Bedford, Kempston and the northern Marston Vale (Local Plan 2002 commitments – see Figure 2) to achieve a step change in the Borough’s role in the region. AD3-AD19
2. Ensure future development is based upon sustainable development principles. AD2
3. Provide guidance on where any future growth if required should occur (in the period up to 2021).  
4. Provide quality housing to meet current and future needs of all sectors of the community. AD3-AD10, AD19, AD20, AD22
5. Foster significant employment growth. AD5-AD7, AD11-AD17, AD23
6. Direct retail development to the most appropriate locations. AD29-AD34
7. Foster the regeneration of Bedford town centre to enable it to fulfil a greater role within the region.  
8. Support the delivery of coordinated transport improvements with the emphasis on non-car modes, improving east-west communications and achieving greater transport interchange. AD35-AD39
9. Encourage key rural communities to become more sustainable places to live and work. AD20, AD31, AD32,AD40
10. Achieve high quality design that takes account of character, local distinctiveness and sustainable design principles, enables access and promotes community safety. AD3-AD23
11. Protect and enhance the countryside, biodiversity and geodiversity, and the quality and connectivity of green infrastructure in the borough with particular emphasis on enhancing the Marston Vale. AD23-AD28, AD40, AD43
12. Minimise the use of energy and encourage greater use of energy from renewable sources. AD2
13. Provide a mechanism for the delivery of infrastructure (including health, education, transport, community, leisure and recreation facilities) in tandem with new development. AD3-AD23
14. Protect and enhance the Borough’s built, cultural and community assets and the character of settlements and foster the development of the Borough as a destination for heritage and cultural tourism. AD21,AD23, AD40-AD44
15. Protect the environment by minimising the risk of flooding and the effects of climate change and facilitating improvements in air quality. AD2
16. Involve the community in the decisions about the planning of the Borough so they can influence and shape such decisions. AD5

The monitoring framework of the Core Strategy and Rural Issues Plan sets out a series of indicators that will be used to monitor the effectiveness of the objectives.

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